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Sta-Lok Swageless End Terminals and Spares

Hand fitted instead of machine swaged

The STA-LOK system is a simple mechanical method of terminating wire ropes, and has proven itself to be the most efficient method of terminating wire ropes. The terminal consists of an assembly of four components, which can be fitted on site using very simple hand tools.

The STA-LOK terminal is stronger than the wire rope. It will work under constant load and variable shock loading. In all situations the STA-LOK terminal has proven totally reliable.


Manufactured from 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401, all STA-LOK terminals are reusable* requiring no servicing, providing long life and very low maintenance costs.

  • All STA-LOK terminals are supplied with 1 X 19 wedges unless specified.
  • Catalogue reference numbers displayed on the web site are for fittings with 1 X 19 wedges.
  • If you require fittings for 7 X 19 or 7 X 7 wire ropes a different wedge is required.
  • If you require fittings for Dyform wire ropes a different wedge is required.
  • It is strongly recommended to use the larger diameter thread options on threaded stud terminals.
  • STA-LOK terminals have been designed for use with stainless steel wire ropes. They should not be used with galvanised wire ropes because rapid galvanic action will cause the wire rope to corrode and fail.
  • STA-LOK terminals are not suitable for use with wire ropes with fibre cores.

 * A new wedge component must be used.

Stalok termination