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Spreader End Clamps

Part No Width Fits Wire sizes
500-545-01 70mm 3mm - 6mm
500-566-01 95mm 3mm-7mm
500-566-02 95mm 8mm
500-572-01 117mm 5mm-6mm
500-574-01 117mm 7mm-10mm
500-628-01 top spreader 117mm 12mm
500-582-01 140mm 6mm-7mm
500-584-01 140mm 8mm-10mm
500-586-01 140mm 12mm
500-587-01 140mm 14mm

SPREADER END CLAMPS are an essential part of the rig, it is imperative that they are attached firmly to the shrouds.
They come in 2 different materials. On 70mm and 95mm section spreaders they are composite. On 117mm and 140mm spreaders they are alloy.