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End for End Gybe Carbon Spinnaker poles

Selden carbon spinnaker poles are designed to make light work of spinnaker handling. The big advantage of carbon fibre is its low weight. The weight savings enable the crew to handle the spinnaker faster, with less effort.

To select the right pole, consult the document below. You need to know your yacht’s displacement or righting moment as well as the J length (the length from the front of the mast to the forestay.

On the larger poles there are two bridle options: stripped dyneema tied on to the pole ends or stripped dyneema spliced onto the pole ends with bungee cord feed through so bridles keep tight to the pole when stowed.

End for End Gybe
Displ Guide Pole Max Length  part
(tonnes) Section (mm) number
1.6 - 3.6 47/47 2680 SSC047-07
    3180 SSC047-08
    3680 SSC047-09
2.0 - 5.7 59/59 3220 SSC059-01
    3720 SSC059-02
2.4 - 6.3  61/61  3720 SSC061-01





2.8 - 7.7 76/76 3690 SSC076-01
    4490 SSC076-02
    4790 SSC076-03
5.7 - 14.0 88/88 4230 SSC088-01
    4930 SSC088-02
    5430 SSC088-03