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Emergency Inner Forestay kit

Emerency Inner Forestay Kits 2013

All our kits include a Selden forestay fitting, Seasure lever, stay with eye 

swaged on, lower strop with toggle fork swaged on and two Sta-Lok eyes 
to make off stays to desired length .
5mm 10m Stay kit £356.50
6mm 13m Stay kit £402.50
7mm 17m Stay kit £638.25
8mm 19m Stay kit £707.25
Selden Halyard lead £20.41
Whichard 6mm waterproof U bolt £9.05
Whichard 8mm waterproof U bolt £12.80
Whichard 10mm waterproof U bolt £21.35
8mm 26m Braid Halyard with snap shackle £55.56
10mm 30m Braid Halyard with snap shackle £77.77
12mm 36m Braid Halyard with snap shackle £112.99

To find out which size kit you require please contact our sales team:

email us :getriggedsupplies@gmail.com